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I'm Victoria, founder of Sheath Cleaning International. I run Sheath Cleaning International alongside a very successful boutique pet groomers, Dressed To The Canines Ibiza. I have been working in the pet services industry for over 11 years, with successful pet grooming vans and salons in Australia, Ibiza and the UK. I pride myself on offering a holistic approach to pet care. Not only making your pets beautiful, but also ensuring they're healthy! We offer everything from haircuts to anesthetic free doggy dental.


In 2019, as a keen Show Jumper & Eventer, it was only natural that I expanded the services I offered to horses. After spending many years working with dogs, cat and other smaller animals, I began horse clipping and further down the line I was lucky enough to be trained in horse hygiene, by one of the best in the business, Allie, from the Horsebox Spa.


I found the experience I have had with horses throughout my lifetime ensured this line of work came very naturally to me! Handling difficult horses comes as a second nature, due to this I can channel my thoughts to paying close attention to anything that may require extra attention from a Vet. I am lucky to have an amazing Vet who I work closely with, to answer any queries I may have, as well as additional training organised by BEHA. I am also working very closely with a veterinary pet cosmetics brand called PSH as their teacher and representative throughout the UK, America and Australia. Meaning I can offer every pet I work with more than just beauty or hygeine treatments, but a personalised care regime tailored to them and their lifestyle.


In my spare time, you can find me competing at National and International Events, or riding at the professional yard I am based at in Leicestershire. I provide services in (but not limited to) Leicestershire UK, Spain, Balearic Islands & Europe. If you would me to visit you at a location outside of these areas please feel free to contact me to discuss further.

Victoria Taylor

Sheath Cleaning International


07375 437011

Associate Member

Trained by vet 

Trained by BEHA Director

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Training provided by Professor Derek Knottenbelt OBE, BVM&S, DVMS, DipECEIM, MRCVS

  • Anatomy (Stallion & Mare)

  • Signs of Penile Disease

  • Bacterial, Viral, Parasitic, Fungal infections

  • Carcinomas, Melanomas, Sarcoids

  • Congenital Abnormalities & Trauma Injuries

  • The Hygienists Role & Responsibilities

  • Bio Security & Hygiene Practices


January 2024


January 2024


12 March 2024

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Extremely professional service from Victoria, who took great care before ,during and after the cleaning. She took time to explain the process and put the horses at ease.  I would highly recommend this knowledgeable Pro!

Judith Caassen

Very kind and professional lady, knowledgeable and patient! Highly recommended, thank you again

Jenny Davies

Absolutely highly recommend Victoria , time effort and care absolutely amazing..!! Super happy with everything. Just fantastic

Tabitha Cassidy

Victoria did an amazing job for Siloe and I highly recommend her expertise and competence. She has definitely made life more comfortable for my boy

Please put me on the list for next year

Sally Herdman

Victoria is very professional and very gentle with horses, many of which will be unfamiliar with her practice.

100% recommended

Jo Cooke Knight

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